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Old Boys Council

Founded in 2003 under the leadership of Sam Butler ’68, the Old Boys Council was formed to strengthen and grow the bond between the school and its alumni.  The Council fulfills its mission through updates about Old Boy activities, professional mentoring, fundraising, and organizing events such as the Old Boys Dinner (a welcome evening of good cheer in the bleak days of January).  The members of the Council act as a liaison between the school’s past graduates and the current leadership of the school, working closely with the head of school, board of trustees, and the Parents Association on capital campaigns and other strategic initiatives. If you have any suggestions or would like to get more involved in Old Boy affairs, please contact Bill Leonard  at bleonard@stbernards.org.
Currently led by co-presidents Harry Davison '76 and Nico Landrigan '93, the Council is comprised of Old Boys from many different eras, yet all who serve on it share a deep affection for St. Bernard’s.  There are several sub-committees including Events & Communications, Stewardship, and a Nominating Committee.
The full Council meets several times a year.  The meetings consist of planning sessions and updates from current faculty about ongoing issues at 4 East 98th Street including admissions, after-school activities, diversity, the curriculum, and student life.

Recent Council projects include the launch of a LinkedIn page (St. Bernard’s School Old Boys), a day of volunteer service with Brick Church, a cocktail party and exclusive viewing at jeweler Verdura hosted by Nico Landrigan ’93, and casual get-togethers such as a whiskey tasting at the Bottlerocket wine shop, owned by Tom Geniesse ’78, and a Dads-and-Grads hockey game against an equally rusty squad from Buckley.

The Council is always happy to hear from graduates who would like to get back in touch (and help organize) events with an Old Boy focus.  If you have any suggestions or would like to get more involved in Old Boy affairs, please contact the development office at development@stbernards.org.


Harry Davison '76 & Nico Landrigan '93
Co-presidents, Old Boys Council

Old Boys Council 2022-2023

Mr. Oscar K. Anderson, III
Grad Year: 1984

Mr. Richard T. Arnold, II
Grad Year: 1989

Mr. Richard L. Blum, III
Grad Year: 1973

Mr. Sayles D. Braga
Grad Year: 1997

Mr. W. Walker Brock
Grad Year: 1995

Mr. John S. Brodie
Grad Year: 1979

Mr. Robert L. Burch, IV
Grad Year: 1989
Mr. Alexander M. Daniels
Grad Year: 1980

Mr. Henry P. Davison, II
Grad Year: 1976

Mr. Joshua C. Gruss
Grad Year: 1988

Mr. Charles M. Hale
Grad Year: 1949

Mr. Arthur D. Heilbronn
Grad Year: 2000

Mr. Nicholas T. R. Judson
Grad Year: 1989

Mr. Nicholas E. Landrigan

Grad Year: 1993
Mr. Dixon P. McDonald
Grad Year: 2003

Mr. John F. MacMurray
Grad Year: 1990

Mr. John Macaskill

Grad Year: 1998

Dr. Ijah Mondesire-Crump
Grad Year: 1998

Mr. James S. Olson
Grad Year: 1961

Mr. Jonathan A. Perez
Grad Year: 1996

Mr. Jerome B. Polansky
Grad Year: 1987

Mr. Elliott G.G. Rapaport
Grad Year: 2008

Dr. Derek V. Schuster
Grad Year: 1957

Mr. Matthew R. Siegfried
Grad Year: 2004

Mr. James A. Urry
Grad Year: 1967
Mr. Landon H. Wickham, Jr.
Grad Year: 1977

Old Boys Diversity Council

Founded in 2017, the council’s mission is to encourage and participate in diversity and inclusivity within the extended St. Bernard’s family.  The Old Boys Diversity Council is inclusive to individuals of any race, religion, ethnicity, socio-economic status, sex, and gender identity.  The council believes diversity is at the heart of our shared experiences as alumni and makes our shared experiences richer and St. Bernard’s a fuller space.  The Old Boys Diversity Council will support St. Bernard’s via outreach programs, mentorship efforts, and professional networking events.  The council looks forward to developing sustainable best practices for advancing equity work and inclusion in our school.

Old Boys Diversity Council 2022-2023

Jonathan Perez, President (founding member)
Grad Year: 1996

Ben Anagnos
Grad Year: 1982

Rodney Benson, Vice President

Grad Year: 2006

Dwayne Callender
Grad Year: 1998

Max Cubilette
Grad Year: 2002

Taurean Dyer
Grad Year: 1999

Zack O’Malley Greenburg

Grad Year: 1999

A.J. Houston
Grad Year: 2003

Charles Miller
Grad Year: 1998

H. Andrew Patterson
Grad Year: 1998

Philip-Andrew Petite
Grad Year: 1997

Ricardo Robles
Grad Year: 2003

Alberto Roldán
Grad Year: 2002

Miklos Vasarhelyi
Grad Year: 1996

Kevin Wang
Grad Year: 2002


Class of 1948
Mr. A. Wright Palmer

Class of 1951
Mr. John W. Reboul

Class of 1953
Mr. Anthony V. Leness
Dr. Maynard B. Wheeler

Class of 1954
Mr. F. Lee Liebolt, Jr.

Class of 1955
Mr. David J. Kepner

Class of 1957
Mr. C. Edmonds Allen, III
Mr. Paul T. Zantzinger

Class of 1958
Mr. A. Oakley Brooks

Class of 1962
Mr. Anthony Blenk
Mr. David McI. Parsons

Class of 1963
Dr. Andrew P. Wilking

Class of 1964
Mr. Stephen B. Hauge

Class of 1965
Mr. William H. Eyre, Jr.
Mr. Russell P. Pennoyer

Class of 1967
Mr. James A. Urry

Class of 1968
Mr. Samuel C. Butler, Jr.

Class of 1969
Mr. Henrik V. Kristiansson
Mr. William G. Dean

Class of 1970
Mr. H. Harris Healy, III

Class of 1971
Dr. Seth G. Aidinoff

Class of 1973
Mr. Richard L. Blum, III

Class of 1974
Mr. Angus McA. Beavers
Mr. Peter L. Connick

Class of 1975
Mr. Eduard H. Beit
Mr. Thorson Rockwell
Mr. Austin T. Wilkie

Class of 1976
Mr. Peter A. Meizels

Class of 1977
Mr. Thomas E.L. Dewey
Mr. James H.R. Windels

Class of 1978
Mr. Roger B. Hall

Class of 1979
Mr. Robert McCauley Edmunds
Mr. John M. Otter, IV

Class of 1980
Mr. Alexander M. Daniels

Class of 1981
The Rev. Dr. Andrew C. Blume

Class of 1982
Mr. George A. Schwimmer

Class of 1983
The Hon. A. Gifford Miller

Class of 1984
Mr. Oscar K. Anderson, III
Mr. Bartle B. Bull

Class of 1985
Mr. Raoul Bhavnani
Mr. Brian L. Halberg
Mr. Jonathan M. Wainwright, Jr.

Class of 1988
Mr. Giorgio Caputo
Mr. Reha H. Kocatas
Mr. Thomas R. Trowbridge, IV

Class of 1989
Mr. Nicholas T.R. Judson

Class of 1990
Mr. Rolf N. Heitmeyer
Mr. Damon Lopez-O'Dwyer
Mr. John F. MacMurray
Mr. Peter B. Manice

Class of 1991
Mr. Ian R. Macdonald

Class of 1992
Mr. Thomas C. Maginnis
Mr. J. Javier Rodriguez

Class of 1993
Mr. David G. Beckwith

Class of 1994
Mr. Jess E. Bolkcom
Mr. Dev J. Gandhi
Mr. Torrey B.W. Liddell

Class of 1995
Mr. W. Walker Brock
Mr. John W. Claghorn, IV

Class of 1996
Mr. Jonathan A. Perez
Mr. Owen J.M. Roth

Class of 1997
Mr. Sayles D. Braga
Mr. Thomas J. Brodsky
Mr. T. Nathaniel Kempner

Class of 1998
Mr. Joseph L. Holliday

Class of 1999
Mr. Russell M. Squire

Class of 2000
Mr. Luke J. Cohler
Mr. Alexander Korallus-Shapiro

Class of 2001
Mr. Aditya Bhisé
Mr. Elliot S. Feng

Class of 2002
Mr. Maximo A. Cubilette, II

Class of 2003
Mr. Reid B. Fitzgerald
Mr. Danton C. Kerz
Mr. Dixon P. McDonald

Class of 2004
Mr. William A. Kerr, III
Mr. Geoffrey O. Ogunlesi
Mr. Matthew R. Siegfried

Class of 2005
Mr. Gopal P. Das
Mr. Andrew B. Mack
Mr. Spencer W.J. Olson

Class of 2006
Mr. Jonathan P. Desnick
Mr. Sunder S. Gidumal

Class of 2007
Mr. James G. Standart

Class of 2008
Mr. Connor B. Huff

Class of 2009
Mr. Barrett P. King
Mr. Jacob E. Ruttenberg
Mr. Harrison Wang

Class of 2010
Mr. Paul F.deF. Kigawa
Mr. Sweyn M. Venderbush

Class of 2011
Mr. James S. Flatow
Mr. Maximillian B. Prager

Class of 2012
Mr. Francis A.deF. Kigawa
Mr. Eduard B. Muñoz-Suñé

Class of 2013
Mr. John B. Sawyers
Mr. Winston R. Venderbush

Class of 2014
Mr. Adam L. Kenet
Mr. William A. Kingham

Class of 2015
Mr. Simon R. Camacho
Mr. Michael A. Vassallo

Class of 2016
Mr. Harold E. Kahane
Mr. Charles M.S. Wahba

Class of 2017
Mr. Jameson S. Cohen
Mr. Edward I. Klatskin

Class of 2018
Mr. Zeno L. Dancanet
Mr. Oliver M. Howard
Mr. Louis J. Rusconi

Class of 2019
Mr. Nicholas J. Baratta
Mr. Tobey M. Schwimmer

Class of 2020
Mr. Oliver P. Garcia
Mr. Matthew M.W. Michetti

Class of 2021
Mr. Alexei H. Kocatas
Mr. Constantine P. Svoronos

Class of 2022
Mr. William L. Napoli

Class of 2023
Mr. William S. Garcia
Mr. Rohan A. Varia