St. Bernard’s offers able young boys of diverse backgrounds an exceptionally thorough, rigorous, and enjoyable introduction to learning and community life.  We wish to inspire boys to value hard work and fair play, to develop confidence, consideration for others, and a sense of citizenship, and to have fun while doing these things.


A good heart is as valuable as a well-stocked, well-trained head.


The glory of this school will always be the people inside it.

Recent News

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  • A Virtual Spring Concert and Art Show

    The Spring Concert and Art Show was held online this year.  Ms. Nelson created a website to celebrate the artistic and musical talents of St. Bernard’s.  
  • Grade VIII Curiosity Project

    The Curiosity Project was created this year for our 8th grade boys.  Mr. Clements describes the impetus for the new endeavor and how it turned out.   
  • St. B's Names New Head of School

    On Monday evening, it was announced that Joy S. Hurd, IV, will become the next headmaster of St. Bernard's School, beginning in July 2022.  Mr. Hurd is currently the head of school at Lake Forest Country Day School, in Illinois.
  • Visions: Helping the Blind and Visually Impaired

    Sixth Grader Rohan V. shares his experience reading to the visually impaired and blind with the Community Service Club.  
  • 2021 Raffle

    The theme of this year’s raffle was “St. B’s loves NY,” a tribute to the city we call home. 
  • Ukuleles in Grade III

    St. Bernard’s boys usually learn to play the recorder in third grade.  But with all of the COVID restrictions around musical instruments, the Music Department went down a different path and are teaching the boys to play an instrument that lifts everyone’s spirits: a ukulele.
  • 5th Grade Terrariums

    Mr. Parsons and Mr. Jacala have been teaching the fifth grade about the earth’s atmosphere and climate change.  To complement this study, fifth grade boys are now proud owners of their own terrariums which they made themselves in science class.
  • Melissa Sweet Visits the Junior School

    As part of the Kronengold Lecture Series, illustrator and author Melissa Sweet visited St. Bernard’s yesterday via Zoom.


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