St. Bernard’s offers able young boys of diverse backgrounds an exceptionally thorough, rigorous, and enjoyable introduction to learning and community life.  We wish to inspire boys to value hard work and fair play, to develop confidence, consideration for others, and a sense of citizenship, and to have fun while doing these things.


A good heart is as valuable as a well-stocked, well-trained head.


The glory of this school will always be the people inside it.

Recent News

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  • Commencement Address - Thomas Goldstone '86

  • Christmas Carols in November

    The annual St. Bernard’s Carols, where the entire school community gathers in the Church of Heavenly Rest to sing in celebration of the holiday season, cannot be held this year for obvious reasons.  But never fear, the Music Department has come up with a fabulous idea to continue this treasured tradition in a safe way.
  • St. Bernard's Chess Tournament

    Chess has always been very popular at St. Bernard’s.  In a typical year, over half of the kindergarten boys play in an after-school program, and many continue playing competitively in tournaments and clubs.  To keep the chess enthusiasm alive this fall, the Parents Association organized the first ever virtual family chess tournament. 
  • Sidewalk Appreciation

    On what felt like a summer day in November, the boys of the 8th grade spent part of their recess decorating the sidewalk out front of school to show their gratitude for the faculty and staff.  
  • A Socially Distant Halloween at St. Bernard’s

    COVID-19 has changed many of the rituals of a traditional Halloween.  Trick-or-treating, gathering with friends - these all need to be modified in 2020.  But the simple joys of the holiday are very much alive and well in the halls of St. B’s this week, providing a welcome reprieve from the world around us. 
  • The Study Hall

    Boys in grades V-IX are on a hybrid schedule this year, and over the summer, the school came up with the concept of a “study hall,” which would be a place for boys to work during their remote weeks.
  • Science Teacher Mr. Manczuk on the Drums

    This morning in Friday Assembly, the boys were treated to a performance on the drums from science teacher Mark Manczuk.  Mr. Manczuk answered a few questions for us before his gig.
  • The St. Bernard’s Lunch: 2020 Edition

    For St. Bernard’s boys, lunch usually means barreling down the stairs to the dining room where a class sits together with their teacher or another faculty member.  This year, it looks very different.


The games the game for all.


Sing we a song of our first Alma Mater...