St. Bernard’s offers able young boys of diverse backgrounds an exceptionally thorough, rigorous, and enjoyable introduction to learning and community life.  We wish to inspire boys to value hard work and fair play, to develop confidence, consideration for others, and a sense of citizenship, and to have fun while doing these things.


A good heart is as valuable as a well-stocked, well-trained head.


The glory of this school will always be the people inside it.

Recent News

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  • Video of III Virtue Class Play - February 7, 2020

  • Upper School Concert

    Roughly one-third of St. Bernard’s boys play a musical instrument outside of school, and during the winter term, several recitals are held to showcase their talent.  This morning the Upper School musicians performed in front of the entire school assembly.
  • Junior School Parents Visiting Day

    Junior School Parents Visiting Day made for a sweet start to Valentine’s Day this year.  Parents of boys in kindergarten through Grade III spent the morning with their boys at school.
  • Kronengold Lecture: Jack Gantos

    In 2016, a group of Old Boys established the Kronengold Fund in honor of their second grade teacher Susan Kronengold.  The Fund brings an author to the school each year to speak to the boys.  This year the Middle School had the pleasure of spending an hour with author Jack Gantos.
  • Grade III Egyptologists

    Third grade St. Bernard’s boys spend their winter term studying ancient Egypt.  On February 10, the three Grade III classes took a walk down Fifth Avenue to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to take in its impressive collection of Egyptian art, artifacts, mummies, and of course the Temple of Dendur.
  • The 2020 Fencing Season

    The first St. Bernard’s fencing class was in 1924.  The 1925 budget describes fencing as an “exceptional demonstration of a sport which is pre-eminently delightful in its dignity, its history, and its picturesqueness.”
  • The Great Skate

    The annual St. Bernard’s family skating party was held on January 28. Known as “the Great Skate,” this event is always popular with the boys (and their families too).
  • Speakers Bureau: The Self-Driven Child

    The St. Bernard’s community was fortunate to hear from William Stixrud, Ph.D., and Ned Johnson, authors of The Self-Driven Child: The Science and Sense of Giving Your Kids More Control Over Their Lives.  The authors met with the faculty in the afternoon and in the evening, spoke to over one hundred parents in the small gym.  


The games the game for all.


Sing we a song of our first Alma Mater...