About Us

Parents Association

The mission of the Parents Association is to promote communication and understanding between the parents and the school on matters of interest to the parents as a whole; build and sustain community amongst the parents; and enhance the experience for the boys, faculty, and other members of the St. Bernard’s community.
The Parents Association is a valuable link between the school and the parents.  All parents are members and encouraged to take part in the association.  Class Representatives are the liaison between the Parents Association and the parents in a class, and between the teacher and the parents in the class.  The Executive Committee of the Parents Association, and the Class Representatives meet regularly with the headmaster.  Committee Chairs organize a number of activities and events to help the school.  The Executive Committee and Class Representatives are elected at the annual meeting in May.  Committee Chairs are appointed by the President.

PA Leadership

Erin Drouin, President

Laurie Beard, Vice President

Amy Garcia, Treasurer

Sonya Thacker, Secretary