• March

    Video of VII Combined Play - March 8, 2019

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  • Grade IX Visits Cuba

    by Mr. Bowcock
    The ninth grade had a fascinating trip to Cuba. Our itinerary started in Havana and involved travel to the Bay of Pigs, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, and Santa Clara.
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  • A Rich History of Dance at St. B’s

    Did you know that Merce Cunningham taught at St. Bernard’s?  Ms. St. Germain, St. Bernard’s School archivist, found an excerpt from our school publication in 1939 that announced a new course taught by Mr. Mercier Cunningham. 
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  • The Great Skate 2019

    For the first time in many years, St. Bernard’s Great Skate took place in March!  Although the morning began with a snow storm, the evening of March 4 turned out to be perfect weather for our annual skating party.  
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  • February

    Fourth Grade Visits the Liberty Science Center

    By Alexi M., Grade IV
    On a frosty February day, the fourth grade and some selected parents went to the Liberty Science Center.  The center is located in Jersey City and is an interactive museum where you learn science while having fun. 
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  • St. B’s Kindergarten Visits the United Nations

    Kindergarten students visited the United Nations on Monday, February 25, 2018.  Upon arrival, everyone gathered under the portraits of former United Nations Secretary-Generals and learned that the United Nations was founded in 1945 to prevent world war and keep peace among nations. 
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  • Grade IX Visits the Guggenheim

    Last week the ninth grade visited the Guggenheim with their art teacher Ms. Meigs.  They were lucky to enjoy a sunny day and walked from school to the museum.  They arrived just as the doors were opening and met their educational guide in the rotunda.
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  • Roxie Munro Visits St. B’s

    St. Bernard’s welcomed beloved author and illustrator, Roxie Munro on February 13, 2019.  Ms. Munro spoke with Junior School students about the non-fiction books she has written and illustrated for over thirty years. 
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  • Captain Fry Book Collection

    By Janine St. Germain, St. Bernard’s archivist
    If you have recently strolled through the stacks in the St. Bernard’s School library and have seen a curious collection of vintage books shelved elegantly amongst the others, you might have caught a glimpse of the Captain Fry book collection.
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  • St. B’s Buddies

    An important aspect of the St. B’s experience is the daily interaction between younger and older students.  While much of this happens naturally in a school shared by all school levels, there are also some structured activities that encourage collaborations between different age groups.  A favorite among many students is the buddy program.
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  • 2019 Old Boys Dinner

    By Kate Fiscus, Director of Old Boys
    In keeping with tradition, Old Boys, faculty, and former faculty come together to celebrate St. Bernard’s on the third Thursday in January at the annual Old Boys Dinner.  On January 17, Old Boys near and far came back to St. Bernard’s for the most anticipated Old Boys event of the year.
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  • January

    St. B’s Annual Basketball Tournament

    By Adrien B., St. B’s sixth grader and basketball player
    I glanced at the clock on the score board. The score was tied, and the bright red lights on the board glowed with the fearful number of five seconds. 
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  • Third Graders Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art

    On January 30 third graders visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art and enjoyed guided tours through the Egyptian collection.  The boys are currently learning about ancient Egyptian civilization and were delighted to see concrete examples of many things they have discussed in their classrooms.
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  • Illustrator and Author George O’Connor Visits St. B’s

    St. B’s students were treated to a visit from illustrator and author George O’Connor on Friday, January 18. 
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  • St. B’s 2019 Math Team

    On Tuesday, January 8, boys in grades VI, VII, and VIII took the MATHCOUNTS exam.  While at first glance this appeared to be a typical standardized test, it was actually the first phase in a national math competition. 
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  • Fifth Grade Volcanoes

    In the final days before winter break, fifth graders finished up their unit on volcanoes with a science class period filled with volcanic eruptions. 
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  • St. Bernard’s and Chapin Host a Networking Event

    by Jonathan Perez ’96
    On the first Sunday of the year, January 6, Chapin and St. Bernard’s hosted a professional networking event at the New York Academy of Medicine.  Attendees filled the room for a panel discussion followed by one-on-one tabling with leaders in various career fields.
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  • Much Ado About Nothing

    On December 18, 2018, the eighth grade took part in a St. Bernard’s tradition established in 1910 and performed a play written by William Shakespeare. 
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