About Us


We are delighted by your interest in St. Bernard’s.  We who work and study here feel that there is something unique about the place, something that makes us proud to be a part of the school and fond of it, too.
This feeling is impossible to put into words.  We hope that you will see St. Bernard’s for yourself and, as you watch us at work and at play, that you will catch something of the spirit of the school.  Eager, talented boys, with coaches and teachers who are skilled at making their subjects come to life and inspiring the best from their students, create together a school of high standards and rare good humor.

Of course, no nine-year stretch of anyone’s life is likely to be all easy or successful.  We believe, however, that a St. Bernard’s boy—and they are all very different from one another—can leave his first alma mater with the basis for a great education.  Ask the secondary schools to which our boys go proudly on.  They will tell you that our young men are well prepared to be strong students, athletes, and citizens.

If you take away only one impression of St. Bernard’s, I hope it is the vital role of enthusiasm.  Beyond the rudiments of learning, the habits of study, the self-discipline must lie the desire to work, learn, and grow.  A beloved colleague once said:  “Boys must want to learn before they can be taught.”  We want our boys—and yours—to want to learn, and we welcome them to St. Bernard’s.

Stuart H. Johnson, III

— Peter Magowan ’55

As I have said many times of all the schools I went to (Groton, Stanford, Oxford, and the John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies) St. Bernard’s was the best.  I can remember my classmates and my teachers better than any subsequent group of instructors.  Simply put they were the best.  They loved teaching and they loved their students.”