About Us


We are delighted by your interest in St. Bernard’s.  We who work and study here feel that there is something unique about the place, something that makes us proud to be a part of the school and fond of it, too.
A St. Bernard’s education is one that prepares boys for the world ahead of them, morally as well as intellectually.  The faculty and staff care for a boy’s well-being above all.  

The school is led by Joy S. Hurd IV, who became our head of school this summer.  Mr. Hurd is a former St. Bernard's faculty member; he was a Grade VII homeroom teacher, taught Latin, and was a secondary school advisor.  

We welcome you and your boys to St. Bernard’s.

— Peter Magowan ’55

As I have said many times of all the schools I went to (Groton, Stanford, Oxford, and the John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies) St. Bernard’s was the best.  I can remember my classmates and my teachers better than any subsequent group of instructors.  Simply put they were the best.  They loved teaching and they loved their students.”