The Endowment

Established through the generosity of trustees, Old Boys, parents, and friends of St. Bernard’s School, the income from the following established funds provides support for scholarship, faculty, and educational programs.

Funds for Students

List of 13 items.

— Grandfather of current student

“With so many friends who attended St. Bernard’s, I’ve always had the highest regard for this school.  Now that I see the school through my grandson’s eyes, I have an even deeper appreciation for its excellence and beloved traditions.”

Funds for Faculty

List of 16 items.

Funds for Programs

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  • Art

    The Robert Lehman Art Fund

    Provides funds for generating the fine arts at St. Bernard’s.

  • Books

    The James D. Held Book Award Fund

    Established in his memory in 2003, provides funds for an annual book award for eighth and ninth graders.

  • General Purposes

    The Halberg Family Fund

    Originally established in 2002 as the Hannah C. Halberg Shakespeare Fund, the Halberg Family Fund, in honor of Herbert B. Halberg and Hannah C. Halberg, supports various aspects of the school's Shakespeare play, sponsors an annual Shakespeare lecturer as well as funds activities that enrich the boys' knowledge and understanding of the history, civic affairs and urban environment of New York City.

    The James Church Coggil Memorial Fund

    The Kempner Family Fund
    A discretionary fund established in 2006 for the board of trustees to allocate in each year’s budget.

    The Nolop STEM Fund
    The Nolop STEM Fund, in honor of Michael ’03 and Nathan ’05 Nolop, was established in 2016 to support the school’s educational programs related to science, technology, engineering, and math.

  • Junior School

    The Sarah Wright Atkins Memorial Fund

    Provides funds to enhance creativity in the Junior School, and to underwrite the publication of a third grade book of poetry.

  • Languages

    The Denis Caslon Latin Prize Fund

    Established in 2013 by Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. Davison, II, provides funds for the seventh grade Latin prize.

  • Lectures

    The Kronengold Authors Fund

    The Louis Bishop, III Fund
    Provides the honorarium for a natural history lecturer.

    The Urry Family Headmaster's Lecture Fund
    Established in 2010, this fund uses income to pay for the costs associated with funding an annual lecture.

  • Library

    The Billy Rose Theatre Book Fund
    Established in 1969 for the purchase and acquisition of books, periodicals, recordings, and tapes in the area of theater arts.

  • Music

    The Lowerre Family Fund for Music
    Provides funds for music instruction, concerts at the school, and repair of musical instruments.

  • Ninth Grade

    The Thomas H. Bolkcom Memorial Fund
    Established in 2001 to enhance the ninth grade students' year with cultural and travel opportunities.

  • Science

    The Michael Wallstein Science Fund
    Provides funds for science prizes.

    The Wagner Science Fund

  • Technology

    The Perkin Technology Fund
    The Perkin Technology Fund, established in 2016 by Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. Davison, II, provides funds to support the technology program at St. Bernard's.

  • Theatre

    The Stephen Magowan Memorial Fund
    Established in his memory in 2003, provides funds designated to stimulate interest in the theater.