Reading Lists

St. Bernard’s parents and faculty share a deep love of reading.  This appreciation will be passed on to your sons, thanks to the wealth of books and stories available in our library and at home.  For parents and children, reading together is one of the great pleasures of life.

Student Favorites

— The Saint Bernard's Budget, June 1914

It takes courage to recommend fiction of any kind for boys.  It takes still more courage to attempt to suggest what fiction might be appreciated by boys, and he would be bold indeed who would dare attempt “The Hundred Best Books for Boys!”  St. Bernard’s has ventured on “One Hundred Books which boys have cared to read and which are worth reading”...Every book in the list is well written.  The majority are exciting enough for any ordinary boy.  Not a few have a definite literary value.  Very many have an educational value.  All are manly and wholesome.