The Fry Society

Named in honor of Humphrey L.G. Fry, who taught at St. Bernard’s for thirty-six years from 1929 to 1964.  Upon his death in 1968, he left his entire estate of $95,467 to St. Bernard’s.  To put that number in perspective, that gift was more than total annual giving at the time.  Planned giving continues to be an important source of funds for the endowment and can be another tax efficient vehicle for both donors and their heirs.  Members of the Fry Society include many present or former faculty and staff.  Others are Old Boys, past parents, current parents, and friends.

You can make a difference!  In order to join the Fry Society, simply inform the development office that you have made a provision in your will or named the school as a beneficiary in a life income gift or other deferred giving arrangement.  You may fill out the form below to begin the process.

Anyone who has questions or would like to discuss their plans, please contact the Development Office at (212) 289-2878 ext. 354 or

Planned Giving Form

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From an Old Boy, trustee, and past parent on why he and his wife have included St. Bernard’s in their estate planning:
“My shared belief with my wife is that one’s early education is the wellspring of all that is to follow, for better or worse, and that our grade schools are the greatest on earth to start an educational journey, which will last through the rest of one's life.”

Members of the Fry Society

Anonymous (2)
Mr. Oscar K. Anderson, III ’84
Mr. John W. Anderson ’63 †
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Andruskevich
Mrs. Martha Baldwin †
Mr. James L. Barber, Jr. ’65
Mr. Thomas Barbour ’34 †
Ms. Patricia C. Barron
Mr. Thomas C. Barron
Mr. Gregory W. Bauer
Ms. Vinton H. Bauer
Mr. Alexandre J. Benasuli ’83
Mr. James A.C. Benasuli ’05
Mr. James W.B. Benkard ’50 †
Mr. E.R. Bigelow ’40 †
Mr. Richard N. Bradt ’75
Mr. Sayles D. Braga ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Austin W. Bramwell ’92
Mr. William M. Bramwell, Jr. ’46
Mr. W. Walker Brock ’95
Mr. Robert H. Bucknall ’38 †
Mr. Bartle Bull ’51, Custos
Mr. Bartle B. Bull ’84
Ms. Diana Townsend Butterworth
Mr. Francis H. Cabot ’38 †
Mr. Thomas D. Cabot, III ’65
Mrs. Peg Caldwell-Ott
Mr. Andrews B. Campbell ’55
Mr. Lewis C. Canfield ’81
Mr. Russell C. Cecil ’40 †
Ms. Ana Centola
Mr. Hawley T. Chester, Jr. ’32 †
Mr. Dennis Crowley
Mr. Edgar M. Cullman, Jr. ’60
Mr. Allerton Cushman, Jr.
Mr. Henry P. Davison, II ’76
Dr. Georges de Menil ’54
Mr. William J. Dean ’51 †
Mr. Jonathan P. Desnick ’06
Ms. Kimberly Donaldson
Prof. John W.F. Dulles ’27 †
Ms. Christina C. Evans
Mr. John D. Fennebresque ’99
Mr. M. Ford Fernandez ’67 †
Mr. & Mrs. John T. Fogarty ’53
Dr. Andrew G. Frantz ’43 †
Mr. Ian H. Fraser ’76
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Gardner ’47
Mr. Richard L. Gelb †
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Gibbons ’61
Ms. Sheila F. Gillespie
Dr. Robin Goland
Mr. Thomas E. Goldstone ’86
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce L. Goodman
Mrs. Robert F. Gossett
Mr. Peter S. Gregory
Mrs. Barbara Gridley
Mr. William G. Gridley, Jr. ’43 †
Dr. Robert A. Guida
Mr. Ian N.H. Gumprecht ’91
Mr. Andrew S. Gundlach ’85
Mr. Thomas D. Haines ’51 †
Mr. Roger B. Hall ’78
Mr. Stephen B. Hauge ’64
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Heilbronn
Mr. John B. Hickox ’49 †
Ms. Lea Paine Highet
Mr. Eric J. Hill
Mr. Robert F. Hoerle
Mr. Nicholas I.W. Horsburgh ’98
Mr. Carl Hyam ’54
Mrs. Iredell W. Iglehart
Mr. George McL. Jeffords ’63
Mr. Stuart H. Johnson, III
Mr. Adrian H. Jones ’79
Dr. Peter M. Kaplan & Ms. Andrea R. Karambelas
Mr. Thomas L. Kempner, Jr. ’67
Mr. T. Nathaniel Kempner, Jr. ’97
Mr. David J. Kepner ’55
The Rev. Jonathan L. King ’42
Mr. David King-Wood †
Mr. Charles M. Kinsolving, Jr. ’40
Mr. Reha H. Kocatas ’88
Ms. Susan Kronengold
Mr. Alastair Kyle ’43 †
Mr. John La Gatta †
Mr. North Landesman
Mr. David B. Lawrence ’42 †
Mr. Allen S. Liu ’61
Mr. Llewellyn W. Lord †
Ms. Alison G. McCall
Ms. Cynthia G. McFadden
Mr. John O. McGinnis ’71
Mrs. Leola Macdonald †
Mr. Thomas C. Maginnis ’92
Mr. Merrill L. Magowan ’51
Mr. Peter A. Magowan ’55 †
Mr. Gerard M. Meistrell
Mr. Christian A. Melhado ’70 †
Mr. Albert W. Merck ’34 †
Mr. Clifford L. Michel ’52 †
The Hon. A. Gifford Miller ’83
Mrs. Robert C. Milton, Jr.
Mr. Robert A. Miness
Ms. Juliette Mound
Mr. Adebayo O. Ogunlesi
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Oliver
Mr. A. Wright Palmer ’48
Mr. Alain J. Palmieri ’56
Mr. Maurice E. Pinto ’47
Mr. Philip C. Potter, Jr. ’40
Mrs. Edith S. Quintana †
Mr. Christopher C. Raphael ’52
Mr. Donald M. Roberts
Mr. James B. Robinson ’56
Mr. James D. Robinson, III
Dr. Christine L. Frissora & Dr. Scott A. Rodeo
Mr. Alberto M. Roldán ’02
Miss Florence F. Runyon
Mr. Anthony R. Sanders ’71 †
Ms. Heather J. Sargent
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert A. Scheftel ’22 †
Mr. John E. Schmeltzer, III ’61
Mr. Anthony H.N. Schnelling ’60 †
Mr. Guy Schwartz
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Sculco
Mr. Lacy H. Seabrook ’39 †
Mr. Irwin Schloss
Mr. Charles L. Shaw
Mr. Peter L. Sheldon '48 †
Mr. James M. Silvia
Mr. Gibbons H. Sinclair ’97
Ms. Elizabeth A. Smith
Mr. Frederick M.R. Smith ’55
Mr. James A. Smith ’61
Mr. G. Robert Spencer ’46
The Hon. James W. Symington ’40
Ms. Virginia S. Tracy
Mr. Roger W. Tuckerman ’50 †
Lady Sidney H. Urquhart
Mr. William Barlow Ware ’39 †
Mr. Antonio F. Weiss ’80 & Ms. Susannah H. Hunnewell †
Mr. F. David Westcott
Mr. Austin T. Wilkie ’75 
Dr. Andrew P. Wilking ’63
Mr. † & Mrs. B. Robert Williamson, Jr.
Mr. Michael P.A. Winn ’48
Mr. Jeremy Wintersteen ’82
Mr. Matthew S. Wolf ’75
Mr. Clement B. Wood ’00
Mr. William H. Woolverton, III ’64
Mr. Bryce M. Wunder ’90
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur W. Zeckendorf ’73
Mr. Harold Zeitlin

† Deceased