From kindergarten through ninth grade, boys and their teachers find innovative and productive ways to integrate technology into their work.  Classrooms are equipped with Apple TVs, computers, iPads, Chromebooks, and SMART Boards for both group and individual work.
Technology enhances our curriculum, promotes creativity, supports a variety of learning styles, and expands the information available to boys beyond what is available in textbooks.  Boys should have the necessary coding, problem-solving, and analytical skill to thrive in the twenty-first century.  Whether it’s kindergarteners creating graphic patterns on iPads or eighth graders assembling computers from scratch, boys here have ample opportunities to build these skills.  But technology should be used thoughtfully.  The best learning often happens, in the words of our founder, with the “contact of mind upon mind.”  Connecting to his teachers; turning pages; focusing on the written word free of distraction, and discussing and debating with classmates; these are important parts of each boy’s school day.  Technology is just one of many tools for effective teaching. 

Junior School

Boys in kindergarten through second grade make use of technology through their unit-based projects, use of related websites, and apps designed for each class.  After learning touch typing, third graders create ebooks and learn word processing.  They begin typing their journals, compositions, and poems in coordination with their homeroom teacher, and by the end of the year they are well-prepared to process written work in Middle School.

Middle School

In the fourth grade boys begin coding and do much of their creative writing at the computers; they also begin research for history using a variety of online sources.  Fifth graders continue their exploration of coding and are introduced to Google Apps and website design.  They also build virtual worlds with Minecraft.  Sixth graders use Skype to connect with people around the world.  As part of their American history course, students do research, write outlines and papers, and create presentations.  They make use of a variety of programs, including Inspiration, Google Docs, and PowerPoint.

Upper School

In the Upper School students can choose to study 3D design and printing, robotics, programming, computer building, film making, and advanced coding.  At the beginning of the seventh-grade year students choose either to study programming for the next two years or to take a more general applications class.  
The general applications class begins with Minecraft, a sandlot-based program that encourages resource management and teamwork.  In the second term these boys use their Minecraft projects to incorporate into their 3D printing projects.  They also study the art of film making and editing.  By the end of their eighth-grade year each boy will have completed two three-minute videos.  

Students who elect programming begin to focus on how the computer works at the level of Python programming.  They learn how the computer is organized, how the operating system works, and write their own programs to perform increasingly sophisticated tasks.  Boys spend the first part of the year building their own computers from individual components so that they get an understanding of how the hardware works.  In the second term, both eighth grade sections are combined for LEGO robotics class that culminates in an obstacle course competition.

Recent Technology Articles

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  • The Digital World of St. Bernard’s

    by Ms. Williams, Technology Integrator

    The Technology Department is working to unify St. Bernard’s traditional values with an ever-growing digital world.  Beginning in the Junior School, technology is integrated through purposeful activities that coincide with the curriculum.  St. Bernard’s boys are learning how to use technology responsibly and creatively.
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    In a friendly competition, St. B’s eighth grade boys were challenged to see who could produce the most effective commercial for some of the charities that St. Bernard’s supports.  Peter J., John R., and Will M. stole the show with their commercial advertising Project Cicero, an annual non-profit book drive designed to supplement libraries in under-resourced New York City public schools.
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    St. B’s Science/Technology Fair transformed the fifth floor on Monday, April 18, 2016.  There were magnets, lasers and mirrors, lasers and flour, computers built from scratch, and all sorts of computer coding used in a variety of ways.  Did you hear about the wind tunnel?  The wind tunnel was made from a leaf blower to test and measure the lift on custom-designed wing models.
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    This semester St. B’s offered its first class in 3D printing.  Ms. Oduro taught boys in grade VII how to use Tinkercad software to design 3D renderings that could then be printed out on the new 3D printers.  Boys designed three projects over the semester:  a shield, a building, and a free design.  The boys’ creativity shone through in all three projects.
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