The Keg

Welcome to The Keg portion of the St. Bernard’s website!  The Keg is our school yearbook, published annually in June.  A copy of each year’s edition is distributed to each boy and faculty/staff member on the morning of the last day of school.  We are sorry, but additional copies for parents and grandparents are not mailed out; we hope that you will share in your son’s or grandson’s enjoyment of the finished product each year.
The 1980 through 1983 and the 1986 editions of The Keg all featured the school shield on the front cover, presented in color against a solid black background.  Single color covers are the 1984 and 1985 editions (both black), the 1988 edition (silver) and the 1993 edition (burgundy).  The only true multi-colored cover of The Keg was the centennial year volume (2004), which also featured a red lettered spine.  All of the previous editions of The Keg have had a hard cover, with the sole exception of the 1987 volume, which was a paperback with the school motto Perge Sed Caute printed on the cover in various languages.  Former Art Department teacher Denise Watt began producing drawings or paintings for the cover of The Keg in 1989 and continues to do so.  She also produced smaller ink drawings for the internal pages of the volume from 2005 through 2009.  These are shown below for you to select from (if you wish to) to highlight any ad materials that you are submitting for the current edition.

The Keg has had only five editors since its inception:  Nik Millhouse (1980-1989 editions), Alexandra Ward (1990-1995 editions), Helen Steer (1996-2003 editions), Peg Caldwell-Ott (2004-2016), and Kristie Lawson and Virginie de Haugoubart (2016-present).

The ninth graders help with preparations for The Keg each year.  They send out the letter soliciting ads from the parents and grandparents, approve the theme and page lay-out plans for the volume as constructed by the editor, label all of the class photograph envelopes for each boy and faculty/staff member in the school, and select the person to whom they wish to dedicate the volume.  Each year’s dedication recipient, as chosen by the ninth grade, receives a special copy of the book.

Once again, please remember that if you are selecting one of Denise’s fabulous drawings for inclusion with your ad page, please specify the year and number as listed under each drawing on the website included on your ad form.  Any drawing that you want to use can be re-sized, bearing in mind that the new size will be proportionate to the original.

We greatly appreciate your interest in Denise Watt’s fabulous drawings for each edition of The Keg, and your financial support for each year’s volume!

Kristie Lawson and Virginie de Haugoubart
Editors, The Keg

Denise Watts Drawings

As noted, Denise Watt began producing small inked drawings of alligators and St. Bernard dogs for the internal pages of The Keg in 2005.  Many parents and grandparents like to use one or more of these as highlight features on the ad pages that they submit to the editor on behalf of their son or grandson each year.  Consequently, all of Denise’s smaller drawings are provided here for you to select from.  If you are selecting one of Denise’s fabulous drawings for inclusion with your ad page, please specify the year and number as listed under each drawing on part five of your ad form, so that there is no confusion as to which specific drawing you would like us to use.  Size is not a factor here, since any of Denise’s drawings can be re-sized (proportionately) to fit the space that you specify.