Secondary School Advising

St. Bernard’s boys earn admission to a wide range of excellent secondary schools, both day and boarding.  The school takes seriously its responsibility to help families with secondary school admissions.  Our goal is for boys to gain admission to schools well matched to their academic ability, temperament, and extracurricular interests.
The secondary school advisors, together with parents, teachers, and the headmaster, take great care to help parents choose schools that will best suit each boy’s aptitude and talents and to offer counsel throughout.  Our ninth grade also offers a demanding yet intimate experience for those wishing to remain one more year at St. Bernard’s to prepare themselves for secondary school.

The day schools our eighth and ninth graders attend with greatest frequency include Collegiate, Dalton, Horace Mann, Grace Church, Loyola, Riverdale, Stuyvesant, and Trinity.  The boarding schools our boys attend with greatest frequency include Andover, Deerfield, Exeter, Groton, Hotchkiss, Lawrenceville, and St. Paul’s.