St. B’s 2019 Math Team

On Tuesday, January 8, boys in grades VI, VII, and VIII took the MATHCOUNTS exam.  While at first glance this appeared to be a typical standardized test, it was actually the first phase in a national math competition. 

The MATHCOUNTS exam consisted of thirty short-answer problems to be completed in forty minutes.  Problem-solving was highlighted in this exam, and the questions were carefully crafted to encourage students to look at the same problem in new ways.  The results of the exam helped determine the members of St. Bernard’s 2019 math team, Daniel B., William B., Will F., Rahul K., Will K., Aman M., Frankie M., Derek T., John W., and Henry Z.  These students will compete in a one-day Manhattan-wide competition on Saturday, February 2.
Last November all students from grades six through eight participated in another national math competition, the AMC 8 Problem Solving Competition.  The results from the AMC 8 Competition arrived last December, and the top-ranking students in each grade were announced just before winter break.  As many St. B’s students excel in mathematics, it is quite an honor to be named as a winner.  The winners demonstrated not only an understanding of mathematics, but also the ability to size up and solve problems quickly and accurately.  Two St. Bernard’s boys, Will K. and John W., earned the honor of placing in the top 5% nationally.
Congratulations to all of the AMC 8 winners and to the 2019 St. Bernard’s math team!  Dr. Johnson, Mr. Moraitis, and Ms. Robinson are delighted with the results and look forward to accompanying the team to the next phase of the MATHCOUNTS competition.
Eighth Grade AMC 8 Winners
First place: Will K. (top 5% nationally)
Second place: Daniel B.
Third place: Max M. and Marcus N.
Seventh Grade AMC 8 Winners
First place: Clark C.
Second place: Rahul K.
Third place: Henry Z.
Sixth Grade AMC 8 Winners
First place: John W. (top 5% nationally)
Second place: Akachi A., Adrien B., and Miles M.