Much Ado About Nothing

On December 18, 2018, the eighth grade took part in a St. Bernard’s tradition established in 1910 and performed a play written by William Shakespeare. 

The class of 2019 performed Much Ado About Nothing to the delight of their families, teachers, fellow students, and Old Boys.  Every student in the eighth grade performed a part on stage or behind the scenes as a stage manager.  The performance incorporated live music, dancing, and thoughtful performances by the boys.  Many months of rehearsals and close analysis of the text (which began when the boys were in seventh grade) paid off in this terrific performance.  The boys worked well together as an ensemble and had fun on stage.  The audience laughed at the playful humor interwoven throughout the play and thoroughly enjoyed the production.

There were many people besides the boys who worked hard to make this performance a success.  Old Boy Brad Cover ’81 directed another stellar performance this year.  He highlighted the strengths of the boys in this class – incorporating solo performances by singers, dancers, and a trumpet player – and produced a lively staging of the play.  Mr. Sechrist designed a whimsical set that seamlessly transformed from scene to scene.  Pilar C. designed gorgeous costumes and with the help of many parent volunteers made sure each boy looked top-notch from head to toe.  Faculty members helped with make-up and many behind-the-scene details.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all of the eighth graders who successfully carried on one of St. Bernard’s most cherished traditions.