Handmade Letters for The Scarlett Fund

by Nico W.
On Thursday, December 6, the community service club organized a project for the Scarlett Fund, an organization dedicated to spreading holiday cheer to children in the hospital.

Many hospitalized children are away from their friends during the holidays, and I can only imagine how bad that must feel.  As a kid, I would have the urge to get up and go play, but I couldn’t.  It must be difficult.  St. Bernard’s students wanted to do something to help cheer up the young patients and decided to write them letters.
Along with a few volunteers, the community service club informed classes throughout the school about the Scarlett Fund and what each boy could do to help.  We decorated hundreds of letters for sick children to enjoy during the holidays.  Kindergarten through Grade VI participated, and we all had fun in the process.  Each grade had different decorations for their cards, and I think the hospitalized children will enjoy them very much.
We appreciate the opportunity and are glad that organizations like The Scarlett Fund are there to look out for children.