Sixth Grade Visits West Point

One of St. Bernard’s traditions is the sixth grade trip to West Point.  Colonel Edward Sobiesk (ret.) has hosted and organized the visit each year with the help of Mr. Moraitis and Mr. Landesman.  St. B’s boys look forward to this trip for years and are never disappointed!  Sixth grader John S. shared some highlights from this all-access tour of the historic West Point.
We started our day early with a bus trip at 7:30 in the morning.  We arrived at West Point around 9:30 a.m. and went straight to the library, where we were given a tour of the impressive campus.  We were happy that we weren’t outside in the frigid weather anymore and enjoyed learning about the architecture and history of West Point.  Once we were outside again, we went with Colonel Sobiesk to the superintendent’s office.  We learned about awards that were given to West Point alumni like Neil Armstrong and Dwight Eisenhower.  After that, we met a few cadets and asked them some questions.  “Are you allowed to have video games in your room?”  “How much homework do you get a night?”
We then visited the clubhouse and ate from a delicious buffet and heard rousing speeches about the Army versus Navy game.  Right after the lunch, we went to the EECS Department, which stands for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.  We controlled robots and had some fun competitions (as robots) and learned how to use photonics in music.  For the last part of the campus tour, we went to a department where we got to try out tank simulators.
We arrived at St. B’s around 7:00 p.m., tired from a fun day.