Multicultural Fair: Korea

Last Friday, St. Bernard’s honored Korea with a special assembly and a fair for the students.
The assembly featured performances of traditional Korean music, and we were honored to welcome several distinguished musicians.

Mr. Jungbae Park, the gentleman wearing red, began the assembly with a solo piece on the Haegum. Mr. Park’s red uniform holds a unique significance: it grants the wearer access to areas in close proximity to the king.

The Samulnori team, Eulssu, traveled from Flushing, Queens, just for the performance. The group consists of Chulsun Lee, Lucy Song, Regina Kwon, Martina Lee, Gary Ahn, Kay Kim, Rachel Yoon, Clara Kim, William Yi, and Emily Yi. The audience was mesmerized by Eulssu’s performance.

Accomplished Korean folklore and teaching artist Vong Pak, delighted the boys with his ribbon dancing and drumming. He was accompanied by Mr. Park who played the Taepyungso.

After the assembly, the boys visited the Medium Gym which was filled with activities celebrating Korean culture. 

Many thanks to the performers and parent volunteers for sharing Korean music and history with us.  It was a morning that we will always remember.