Grade II Visits the Central Park Zoo

Emily Munro
As part of their study of the tropics, Grade II visited the Central Park Zoo this week to learn more about jungle biomes. They even got to meet and touch some jungle creatures!
It may be cold outside but Grade II is visiting the tropics today! As part of their study of rainforest biomes students visited the Central Park Zoo where they got up close with some tropical animals and deepened their understanding of one of Earth’s most biodiverse environments. Students met with Zoo educators who introduced them to animals from different layers of the rainforest, including a Madagascar hissing cockroach, and a reticulated python. Then they toured the steamy Tropical Zone exhibit spotting animals from the forest floor, like leafcutter ants and victoria crowned pigeons to animals from the canopy like macaws, and black-and-white ruffed lemurs. After their tour, students headed back outside to visit some of their other favorite animals, spotting the red pandas, grizzly bears, and even the elusive snow leopard!