French Visitors

The leadership team of Ecole Jeannine Manuel visited St. Bernard’s on October 27.  Ecole Jeannine Manuel is a bilingual school in Paris, Lille, and London.

The Jeannine Manuel team chose five schools to visit in New York City: Dalton, Horace Mann, Lycee Francais, St. Bernard’s, and Success Academy.  The purpose of the trip was to observe and learn from American schools.  The CEO of Ecole Jeannine Manuel visited St. Bernard’s decades ago and she wrote, “the impressions formed at the time have remained with me since: remarkable teaching and learning with a strong, unique school culture anchored both in tradition and innovation.”

The group of nine administrators met with Joy Hurd and then proceeded to have a tour of the school.  They observed classes and took part in a French lesson with Madame Boyer-Robert.  They also met with our division heads and Madame de Haugoubart, head of the modern languages department.

Many thanks to Ecole Jeannine Manuel for spending the day with us.  We look forward to future visits.