Who Would Win?

Jerry Pallotta, author of the hugely popular "Who Would Win" books visited St. Bernard’s last week to speak with our boys in Grades I-IV in the small gym for about an hour.

Fourth grader Taft M. introduced Mr. Pallotta, 

We are very lucky to have a special author here today.  Jerry Pallotta is from Boston, Massachusetts, and has been writing children’s books for more than 30 years!  That’s three of my lifetimes so far!  He has written almost 100 books including the St. Bernard’s favorite “Who Would Win” series.  How many of you have read a “Who Would Win” book?  I have always thought the “Who Would Win” books are so much fun because they educate kids in cool ways about which animals would win a fight.  My favorite is the “Ultimate Jungle Rumble”.  But I’m really curious about how he does his research.  Has he sat there with popcorn watching all these animals battle?  Did he travel back in time to see all the dinosaurs he writes about?  I hope we’ll find out!!   

Mr. Pallotta’s talk lived up to Taft’s introduction.  He held the boy’s attention by regaling them with fishing stories and tales from his adventures across the world.  In between all of the excitement, he explained what it takes to write and publish a book.  As always, these author visits inspire our boys to read and write stories of their own. 

This assembly was made possible by the Kronengold Authors Fund established by a group of Old Boys in honor of their second grade teacher Susan Kronengold.