Kindergarten Trip to the Cloisters

The kindergarten classes have been learning about the Middle Ages and they took a short trip up to the tip of Manhattan to visit the Met Cloisters. 

The Museum was built in 1933 but its architecture makes one feel transported to the medieval period.  The art and gardens are exquisite and the kindergarten boys felt like they were in a real castle.
The tour guide asked the boys to look for animals and there were plenty to be found.  Dogs, horses, tigers, snakes, and of course dragons and unicorns were sprinkled throughout the art and artifacts.  The boys spent a significant amount of time studying the Unicorn Tapestries, 1495-1505, and the tomb effigy of a family from the 13th century.

The culmination of their medieval history curriculum is a performance known as Knights Magic, where the boys recite poetry and proudly hold shields handpainted with their coat of arms.  The production will be shown in our final Friday Assembly on June 3.