Multicultural Fair: Argentina

Multicultural Fair: Argentina, originally planned for the spring of 2019, was finally held on Friday, April 8, much to the delight of both students and faculty.    

Parent co-chairs Ana G. and Marina N.P. orchestrated the event with help from Mr. Rodiño and a host of parent volunteers.  In the days leading up to the fair, the school was abuzz with talk of Argentina.  Mr. Rodiño worked with the faculty to incorporate the country’s history and culture into the week’s curriculum and Chef Wells served an Argentine steak for lunch.  Mr. Rodiño’s presentation during Friday’s assembly captivated the audience (click here to watch the video).  Last but not least, a group of boys beautifully recited "Martin Fierro" (1872) by José Hernández. 

The committee transformed the medium gym into a celebration of Argentina, filling it with activities for the boys to explore.  There was a section on geography and natural resources, including an area devoted to dinosaurs.  Special mention is owed to parent Gloria B. who not only crafted a 6-foot replica of a dinosaur bone out of paper mache, but has been storing it in her home since 2019.

Boys were able to ride a polo horse, play a bit of rugby, and take casting lessons in fly fishing.  There were live animals, a virtual reality station where the boys could enjoy the picturesque landscape of Argentina, and an exhibition of indigenous textiles, pottery, and silverwork.  To top all of this off, professional tango dancers had the boys and their teachers gliding around the gym (video).

Many thanks to the Multicultural Fair Committee, the parent volunteers, Mr. Rodiño, and the school’s maintenance and technology staff.  It was worth the wait!