Egg Drop

If one would like to see what uninhibited enthusiasm looks like, it can be found on the recess deck of St. Bernard’s during the annual Grade VIII egg drop.

As part of their physics curriculum, the eighth graders were tasked with engineering a device to protect an egg from a 40-foot drop.  This is a tradition in 8th grade physics, but this year, the boys could not bring in materials from home – no bubble wrap, parachutes, or balloons allowed.  Students were only able to build their apparatus using certain materials provided by their teacher, Mr. Littlefield.  There were a few other rules: the device must be no larger than 8.5 by 11 inches and the egg must be visible and easily removable.  The boys drew their designs on paper first then began the construction process.  All told, the boys spent over a week on their projects, and the end results were quite impressive looking.  

The boys gathered on the recess deck with their homeroom teachers.  The fourth grade happened to be having their recess so they were able to join in the fun as well.  Mr. Jacala dropped the eggs one by one out of the 5th floor window.  For each and every drop, the crowd cheered with the emotion one would expect watching a penalty kick in the final minute of a tied World Cup Soccer match.  Hooray for physics!