Student Council

Starting in Middle School, each homeroom elects a representative to the Student Council.

After a short campaign, including speeches and occasionally flyers, an election is held in the classroom. The terms are relatively short.  A new representative will be elected in the spring. 

The Student Council meets with the head of school every other week. This year the boys are meeting Mr. Moraitis in the 7th floor gym.  The representatives take turns relaying the concerns of their class.  Recurring topics of concern include recess, athletics, and of course, food.  Yesterday’s meeting was focused on recess.  There were several comments about the number and quality of the rubber balls on the recess deck.  “Could each homeroom get their own air pump, since the balls seem to be going flat in the cold weather?”  Fourth-grader Luca S. suggested a ping pong skills class.  Seventh-grader Owen G. asked when fencing would return.  The answer was next year.  

The Student Council offers the boys a chance to practice their leadership skills and the group has been successful in its efforts.  They are credited with the school’s new flag football program, and the return of the toaster oven in the dining room, both tangible results of hearty student advocacy.