Epiphany Assembly

St. Bernard’s returned from its Winter Holiday on Tuesday.  After a busy week of COVID testing and quarantines, the community settled back into the usual routines, including assembly Friday morning.

Assemblies begin with Mr. Risinger on the piano.  New York woke up to a few inches of snow this morning which Mr. Risinger alluded to by playing “Let it Snow.”  He then played “We Three Kings,” a nod to Epiphany, which was celebrated on January 6.  We would learn more about the holiday later in the assembly.

Next, Mr. Davis’s fourth grade class awarded the alligator to a very excited I Flannigan class.  The Best Handwriting Awards were announced, honoring the boy with the best penmanship in each homeroom.  Cheers were heard throughout the building.

We then watched a recording of the St. Bernard’s String Orchestra playing “Greensleeves,” a carol about the Nativity of Jesus.  Epiphany was celebrated this week in many different ways around the world.  In Western Christian cultures, Epiphany is celebrated with Three Kings Day.  Spanish teacher Mr. Rodiño gave a presentation on how different parts of Latin America celebrate “Día de Reyes” and often serve a Three Kings Cake, or Rosca de Reyes.  Father Dimitrios Moraitis joined us from the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in New Hampshire to explain the meaning of the holiday in the Greek Orthodox faith.  He also shared a video of a tradition whereby a priest, surrounded by brave young men and boys, throws a cross into a body of water and the divers jump into the freezing water to catch the cross. The lucky one who finds and returns the cross receives a year of blessing.  Father Dimitri imparted a message of reconnection with the Creation and a reminder that people of all faiths have the responsibility to take care of our planet and one another.  A nice sentiment to end the week.