To Kill a Mockingbird on Broadway

Eighth and ninth grade boys took a trip to Broadway last week to see To Kill a Mockingbird.

The boys read the Harper Lee novel in seventh grade.   A significant amount of time of English class is devoted to the book and its themes of racial injustice which are still poignant today. 

Eighth grader Patrick T. shared some thoughts about the production: “Honestly, it was very interesting.  It was very similar to the book.”  But there were some notable differences.  Patrick noted that the racial aggression was more intense on the stage than in the novel, written in 1960.  The book portrayed a fictional town in Alabama during the Depression and Patrick surmised that in reality, the tensions in a rural town like this were probably much worse than described in the book. 

Patrick also noted that there were no jurors in the jury box which indicated the verdict was a forgone conclusion. 

The boys thoroughly enjoyed the production and their trip to Times Square.  It was also a treat to see Jeff Daniels whose run as Atticus Finch ends in a few weeks.  Many thanks to the Stephen C. Magowan ’57 Memorial Fund for making this trip possible.