Grade IX Raises Funds for School in Kenya

Two years ago, Grade IX traveled to Kenya and visited a small community school called the New Day School.  The school is well loved but its walls are made of mud which leak when it rains.  This year’s ninth grade wanted to give the school a new structure for its classrooms.

Jafari W. announced the results in assembly:  

"The ninth graders are very pleased to announce that the collection they organized to help build the New Day School in Kenya was very successful. We were hoping to raise $2,000 and we raised a grand total of $3,362.  We wish to thank everyone who donated.  A special thank you to the ladies from the General Store.  Photos of the construction of the New Day School will be posted soon on the bulletin board near the ninth grade classroom.  Again thank you for your generosity.  By giving, you made a difference for the children of Butere."

We are so proud of the ninth grade and all of their efforts to make this happen.  We look forward to seeing pictures of the new school structure.