Later Alligator Program

After the academic school day finishes each afternoon, the Later Alligator Program (“LAP”) fills the building and pours out onto the recess deck and into Central Park.  LAP runs Monday through Thursday until 5:30 p.m. and offers boys in all grades a wide array of classes to choose from.  The majority of St. Bernard’s students take a LAP class; this year’s enrollment is the highest it has ever been.

The variety of LAP classes reflect the eclectic curiosity of a St. B’s boy.  Of course the typical sports are offered (soccer, flag football, basketball, to name a few), but the program also offers cooking, drama, science, art, and foreign language classes.  Pre-robotics and Minecraft programs appeal to the technologically inclined.  Chess is a perennial favorite throughout all grades.  New this year are Mr. Sholinsky’s Money Matters, Art à la Carte, Makers Club, and a class focused on nutrition and the modern food system.  Finally “Last LAP” is a quiet time in the library for homework or just relaxing with a good book. The goal of all of these LAP classes is to offer boys a chance to enjoy their favorite hobbies, discover new interests, and take risks, all in a safe and fun environment.  

The program is run by Danny Silver who oversees the many coaches, teachers, vendors necessary to make it all happen and run like clockwork.  Mr. Silver remarked, “The secret behind LAP’s success and popularity has been its ability to tap into the boys’ individuality through a wide array of diverse activities.  LAP has created a space where St. Bernard’s boys are able to build confidence, develop new skills, challenge themselves, spend time with friends, and most of all, have fun!”