Last Day of School

Today marks the final day of one of the strangest school years in our school’s history.  But it turned out to be one of its finest.  The strength and determination of the St. Bernard’s faculty, staff, parents, and most of all, students brought us through the challenges of the pandemic to finish the year with pride and optimism for what lies ahead.

In Mr. Moraitis’s remarks in the final assembly, he addressed the boys directly and told them, “You have kept us going, your energy, your spirit, whether you were in the building or Zooming in from home, you kept us going.  You have done a remarkable job.  You persevered and showed resilience, and you are the reason our community has bonded so well this year.”

Much has been written about the many changes the school had to make to open its doors in early September.  However, the traditions of our school carried on, albeit in new formats.  Today’s final Zoom assembly was an illustration of this.  The program included an alligator skit that was filmed in the Grand Canyon on the eighth grade trip out west.  The tradition of the 8s and 9s singing the Old Boy Song was replaced with a virtual chorus of 19 Old Boys spanning classes of 2017 to 1960 singing the cherished tune.  Finally, it wouldn’t be the start of summer without the blazer toss, so when Mr. Moraitis dismissed the boys, blazers were thrown up in classrooms throughout the building and Zoom enabled us to see it all happen simultaneously.  Yearbooks were signed and the boys poured out onto 98th Street and into Central Park.

Here’s to a happy and healthy summer vacation.