Visions: Helping the Blind and Visually Impaired

Rohan V., Grade VI
Sixth Grader Rohan V. shares his experience reading to the visually impaired and blind with the Community Service Club.  

Since the start of the pandemic, the St. Bernard’s Community Service Club has tried to find numerous safe ways to help our community.  Mr. Rodiño, Ms. Chatzky, and Ms. Sobers found great events for us to participate in, and one of them is with a center for the visually impaired and blind called Visions.  Visions has asked for participants to read in front of their members as they cannot read for themselves.  Visions asked us if we could have some of us students read poems, short stories, and speeches over the phone to boost the morale of Vision’s members.  I have had the pleasure to read to them, and it is truly a great experience.  The best part is when - at the end - we hear the members say to us how wonderful it was to listen to us read because they couldn’t read on their own anymore.  Thank you to Mr. Rodiño, Ms. Chatzky, and Ms. Sobers, for finding this organization for us to help.  On behalf of the Community Service Club, we are really excited to continue to help Visions as well as other organizations in our community!