Ukuleles in Grade III

St. Bernard’s boys usually learn to play the recorder in third grade.  But with all of the COVID restrictions around musical instruments, the Music Department went down a different path and are teaching the boys to play an instrument that lifts everyone’s spirits: a ukulele.

The boys each have their own ukulele which Ms. Fertel brings into the classroom.  Remote boys have private lessons with Ms. Fertel over Zoom.  The classes started off with Hot Cross Buns, but are now moving onto songs like Ode to Joy.   When asked about their new instruments, the boys enthusiastically said, “They’re so much fun!”

If all goes well in music class this week, the boys will be allowed to take their ukuleles home for spring break to continue practicing.  Ms. Fertel is arranging for the third graders to produce a pre-recorded ukulele concert for an assembly on May 23.  We are all looking forward to the show.