5th Grade Terrariums

Mr. Parsons and Mr. Jacala have been teaching the fifth grade about the earth’s atmosphere and climate change.  To complement this study, fifth grade boys are now proud owners of their own terrariums which they made themselves in science class.

Terrariums are miniature greenhouses and a sealed container recreates the earth’s water cycle of evaporation, condensation, and precipitation.  The sun warms the climate inside.  The boys used a scale to carefully measure activated carbon, gravel, and soil, and then added a layer of green moss on top.  The only variable in this experiment was the amount of water added -- this was up to each student. 

The final task was to bring the terrarium home without destroying it on the journey.  The boys will continue to observe their projects at home and watch how the moss reacts to its new climate.  Too much water will result in yellow moss and mold -- not exactly the view 5th grade families are hoping for over spring break.