St. Bernard's Chess Tournament

Chess has always been very popular at St. Bernard’s.  In a typical year, over half of the kindergarten boys play in an after-school program, and many continue playing competitively in tournaments and clubs.  To keep the chess enthusiasm alive this fall, the Parents Association organized the first ever virtual family chess tournament. 

This was a tandem tournament, so the boys signed up with a partner, mostly family members.  There were 44 players in all.  Each team worked together towards a combined team score.  Play took place online thanks to U.S. Chess Academy which hosted the virtual event over two Saturday mornings.  (U.S. Chess Academy also runs the St. B’s after-school chess classes.)  Fifth grader Ben B. commented, "The chess tournament was really fun.  I liked the fast-paced games because they were exciting."

Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to the PA for organizing this fun event. 

Top Team Scores
  1. Davis R. (Grade IV) and partner
  2. Jamie A. (Grade VII) and father
  3. Zac O. (Grade IV) and sister

Top Individual Scores
  1. Nicholas R. (Grade IV)
  2. Louis F. (Grade III)
  3. Sael T. (Grade VII)