A Socially Distant Halloween at St. Bernard’s

COVID-19 has changed many of the rituals of a traditional Halloween.  Trick-or-treating, gathering with friends - these all need to be modified in 2020.  But the simple joys of the holiday are very much alive and well in the halls of St. B’s this week, providing a welcome reprieve from the world around us. 
A terrific backdrop of a scene from Ghostbusters, hand painted by Ms. Rogan, fills the lobby and sets the stage for Ms. Burgos and Ms. Thomas, who spent today dressed as Ghostbusters.  Apropos this year, the Ghostbusters carried “virus zappers” which happen to be the real electrostatic sprayers that our maintenance team uses to clean the school each night.  Not to worry, the tanks were empty.  

Throughout the week the boys have worked on pumpkin related art projects from art to math.  The first grade continued their tradition of weighing their pumpkins on a scale after the class estimated its weight. 

Other Halloween highlights included our two librarians dressed as Thing One and Thing Two, and Mr. Risinger and Ms. Fertel performing The Addams Family theme song in place of a hymn at Friday assembly.  

The school wishes all in its community a safe and fun Halloween.