The Study Hall

Boys in grades V-IX are on a hybrid schedule this year, and over the summer, the school came up with the concept of a “study hall,” which would be a place for boys to work during their remote weeks.

Several adjustments have been made to accommodate the study hall’s growing popularity.  Mr. Brumfield did an excellent job of getting the study hall off the ground, but now that he is assisting the 4th grade, the school has hired two new faculty members, dedicated to making sure the boys have a productive (and fun) experience. 

The Medium Gym houses the 5th and 6th grade study hall, and thanks to the work of the maintenance staff, the space has been transformed from basketball court to a pleasant academic setting.  (Although one perk of working in a gym is that the boys can shoot hoops in between classes.)  Lunch is brought up each day, and there is a snack table with fruit and granola bars.  Recess usually means a trip up the stairs to the 7th floor gym.  Mr. Parker Stone, a recent Cornell graduate, oversees the operation, which roughly consists of 15-20 boys each week.  Middle School teachers visit throughout the day to check-in with the boys.

Recently, the Upper School study hall moved down to the school’s new space in the Church of the Heavenly Rest on 90th Street and 5th Avenue.  These rooms are not what one would picture in a church basement.  They are very modern and bright, and have excellent WiFi, a key element these days.  One of the rooms will be used for rehearsals for the Shakespeare play.  Mr. Yako Prodis has stepped in to look after the study hall boys.  

Many thanks to all who make the study hall possible, especially our newest faculty members, Mr. Stone and Mr. Prodis.