Grade VI Visits the Graffiti Hall of Fame

Ramon Rodriguez
Mr. Rodriguez describes one of the first field trips of the year - a visit to the Graffiti Hall of Fame in Harlem. 

For their first art project this year, the students in Grade VI are learning about graffiti.  Early classroom discussions revolved around the transformation of graffiti:  from vandalism, to cultural phenomenon, to high art form.   Living in the birthplace of graffiti, there are many examples from which to observe and learn about stylistic graffiti elements.  Ms. Rogan had the wise idea to travel just a few blocks away to the Graffiti Hall of Fame on 106th Street and Park Avenue.  For over 30 years, this outdoor park has attracted local and international graffiti masters.  Last week, we visited this site during art class.  The sixth graders were asked to study and sketch the ways in which these artists represented various letters that make up their own name.