Knights’ Magic in 2020

Ms. Milstead and Ms. Loree organized the first Knights' Magic in June of 1997 with the school’s very first kindergarten class.  Who would have dreamed then that the 2020 Knights' Magic would be online? 
The tradition began in the Teaching Theater.  Eventually, music was added, thanks to Ms. Fertel, and the performance was moved to the stage in the Small Gym.  Each year, the boys design and create their shield, coat of arms, and banner.  They choose the escutcheon (the shield’s shape) and illustrate the charge (the shield’s center image).  Usually this work is done at school, but this year, all of the work was done at home.  

The next piece of Knights' Magic is the poetry recital.  Twelve poems were selected this year.  The program may be found here.  Each kindergartener did an excellent job of reciting his poem from home in front of a camera.  The final video of all the boys may be seen here.  It is a fitting finish to a unique Spring term in which old traditions have been able to live on through new technology.  

Bravo to the kindergarten and a special thanks to the parents who helped these young knights in their preparations.