Delivering Meals and the Neighbors Assistance Fund

Over spring break, many in our community were thinking of the hospital workers who were sacrificing so much to fight this pandemic on the front lines.  We were also concerned about our neighborhood restaurants that lost the majority of their business seemingly overnight.  The Neighbors Assistance Fund was created in late March to help.

The fund has raised roughly $10,000 from parents, faculty, and Old Boys.  This money is being used to buy meals from Lexington Pizza Parlour (LPP) which is owned by a St. Bernard’s family.  For $400 to $800, LPP can feed the staffers at the Mt. Sinai ER for one night.  They are also making deliveries to NY Presbyterian and Memorial Sloan Kettering.  The fund is also providing meals to Mt. Sinai ambulance drivers.
 St. Bernard's has been asked to fund ten meals a day for the ambulance staff.  The drivers will pick up meals at LPP when they have a moment between runs.  
Lexington Pizza Parlour is not the only restaurant delivering meals.  A St. Bernard's mother manages the Upper West Side location of NYC mini-chain Tarallucci e Vino.  Her restaurant group has started an organization called Feed the Frontlines NYC.  
Please visit to learn more about the Neighbors Assistance Fund.  But to really get a sense of what the fund is doing, please click here to watch this inspiring video featuring 7th grader Jack D. and Old Boy Jameson C. delivering meals.  
Many thanks to everyone involved in this community effort!