Faculty vs. Student Basketball Game

Fitz S., Grade VIII
At the end of the basketball season, the varsity teams take on their toughest (or at least oldest) opponent: the faculty.  The seats in the seventh floor gym were filled to capacity as the rest of the school cheered on both sides.  Eighth grader Fitz S. gives us a summary of the nail-biting game.

This year’s student vs. faculty basketball game was one for the ages.  It was a fast paced, high scoring, exhilarating game.  The game started off with some lockdown defense by Dr. Mitchell and Mr. Moraitis, but the students would not give up, as shown by Gustav S. and Thomas N.’s stellar rebounding.  Then the students started to pull away, with two quick three pointers from Mohammed D.  The faculty was lost.  Coach Hickey was contained and could not find his way to the basket, and poor transition defense by the faculty resulted in a three pointer from Max G. as well as a pull up three by Fitz S.  The students were rolling, but then Mr. Jenson, Mr. Moraitis, Coach Hickey, and Coach Silver were put on the same shift.  They were unstoppable.  Mr. Jenson was cutting freely to the basket and scoring.  Mr. Moraitis was snatching down every rebound, and coaches Hickey and Silver were knocking down three point bombs.  At halftime, it was a tie game, 34 - 34.
In the second half, neither team could hold more than a three point lead, until the faculty took a five point lead on a three point bomb by Mr. White and a hook shot from the free throw line by Mr. St. Clair.  But, there was a controversy.  No one knew whether the students had 70 or 71 points after a clutch three pointer by Willie N.  This was important, for the faculty had 72 points.  In the end, Gustav S. tipped the ball into the basket at the buzzer for the win.  But who won the game officially?  Nobody really knows.  One thing is certain: everyone had a great time.