Grade V and Daniel’s Music Foundation

Haram L., Grade V
On December 6, Grade V visited Daniel’s Music Foundation, as part of a Middle School Alliance event with The Spence School.   
The foundation, which seeks to empower individuals with developmental and physical disabilities through music, was founded by Daniel Trush and his family.  When Daniel was twelve years old, one of his undetected brain aneurysms ruptured.  During his long recovery and multiple therapies, Daniel found the power of music.  The Thrush family founded Daniel's Music Foundation to provide opportunities for other disabled people to experience the many benefits of music therapy.  Haram L. ’23 describes the evening for us.  

In visiting Daniel’s Music Foundation, I learned that each person is different and you should respect that they are who they are.  It is important to remember that every person with a disability has ability.  Daniel, even though he is disabled, can sing and play the piano really beautifully. When I was told we were going to Daniel’s Music Foundation, I didn’t know what to expect.  It turned out to be a very inspiring night for me.  After I stepped out of the foundation, I felt different about people with disabilities and am now eager to learn about their unique abilities.
My classmates were also inspired by their experience at Daniel’s Music Foundation.  Ridley B. thought, “Daniel and his family were strong and brave.”  Sebastien D. too found the presentation very moving.  He commented, “It showed me how different disabilities can affect someone’s life.”  He also saw how hard Daniel persevered to be able to walk again when the doctors put down his hopes.  Truett N. added, “It made me hurt and inspired at the same time to look at the effects of Daniel’s brain injury.  We are more alike than different.”  Kai Y. remarked, as most people agreed on, “It was very interesting to learn about Daniel’s life and how he persevered.”
I believe that Daniel’s Music Foundation opened our eyes to the whole world in just forty minutes.
The Middle School Alliance serves students in Grades V-VIII from independent single sex schools.  The aim is to provide meaningful opportunities to connect with each other and their communities at large.  Each grade has at least one event per year with a partner school. The St. Bernard’s Community Service Club also has a relationship with Daniel’s Music Foundation – boys participate in a music class several times during the school year.

Many thanks to parent Hillary B. for her help in organizing this event and to fifth grader Haram L. for his keen observations.