Faculty vs. Student Soccer Game

The faculty vs. student soccer game is held every year on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Here are accounts of a gripping game written by a player from each team.

Andy White, Head of the Upper School
On Wednesday, November 27, the mighty St. Bernard’s Co-Ed Faculty Soccer Team went off to Central Park to play the formidable St. Bernard’s Varsity.  Of course the faculty had not put together a victory in a decade, but expectations ran high this year.  The addition of Mr. Rachmiel and the resurgence of Ms. Fertel gave the faculty a much needed boost technologically and musically.  With Mr. Shimabuku at striker and Mr. Moraitis in the goal, the stage was set for a clash of titanic proportions. 
As they’ve done in the past, the St. Bernard’s boys got off to a fast start with a quick score early in the first half.  But they underestimated the faculty’s resolve and the fact that the first fifteen minutes is the only window when most of us can run.  The faculty came roaring back with a two goal onslaught, led by none other than our very own Olympic sprinter Coach Mutekanga.  The game continued in typical St. Bernard’s fashion.  We passed.  We kicked.  We dribbled and tricked.  And of course, we merrily chased the ball.  At the end of the contest, the St. Bernard’s boys stood victorious among their teachers, delivering yet another loss to the faculty.  But as they say, “There’s naught to choose twixt win or lose.  The game’s the game for all.”  Until next year.
Willie N., Grade VIII
On November 27, 2019, the St. Bernard’s Varsity Soccer Team stayed home to play the faculty, and It. Was. Epic. 
The students started off with a bang, easily scoring two goals in the first ten minutes.  The teachers roared back tying it up before the half.  We weren’t nervous.  The Varsity has always been a second half team.  The students came back with renewed energy, leaving the teachers wheezing in the dust.  Then, something incredible happened.  Something seemingly impossible.  The head of the Upper School, Mr. White, made a beautiful back heel pass to Olympic Sprinter, Coach Mutakaenga, for another faculty score.  And with that motivator, the teachers came stomping back, tying up the game at the end of what would be the third quarter if we were playing basketball.  In the final twenty minutes, the students ultimately proved to be too much for the faculty, scoring two more quick goals to regain the lead.  As time ran out, there were no bitter feelings.  There were complaints about Coach Miceli’s calls.  Just a sense of community, a sense of pride in our school, and a sense of thankfulness.