Grade VI’s Excursion Across the Brooklyn Bridge

Mr. Landesman and Mr. Moraitis led a brigade of young Grade VI patriots across the Brooklyn Bridge and over to lower Manhattan where they marched in George Washington’s footsteps.
The windy weather did not hamper the hardy crew as they stopped at various spots along the bridge to discuss the Battle of Brooklyn.  Messrs. Landesman and Moraitis then led the group on a walking tour past City Hall, the courthouses of Foley Square, and the African Burial Ground National Monument.  A trip down Broadway mirrored Washington’s march on Evacuation Day.  Mr. Landesman is about as brisk of a walker as one can be, but the boys diligently kept pace on what ended up as a five-mile expedition.

The steps of Federal Hall, with Washington’s statue looming overhead, afforded the group a chance to sit down and reflect on all that they had seen.  Lunch at historic Fraunces Tavern completed the trip.  George Washington would certainly be pleased with this assemblage.

This is but one of the many field trips Grade VI will take to complement their study of American history.  A trip to West Point and Gettysburg are next on the docket.