St. Bernard’s and Spence Sixth Graders Join Forces for Hoops 4 Hope

Written by Win N., Class of 2022
The Hoops 4 Hope 6th grade Middle School Alliance event that we did with Spence last week was fun and educational.  Hoops 4 Hope is a great organization that donates basketball supplies (including sneakers!) and teaches basketball and life skills to kids in very poor communities in Zimbabwe and other African countries.  
Their program helped me to realize that I shouldn’t take what I have for granted.  I never realized just how lucky I am to have new shoes to play basketball in, or even just a real basketball court to play on.  Hoops 4 Hope also showed me that even if you have no equipment or tools, you can still have fun singing, running, jumping, and dancing with your friends.  It was awesome to see how happy you can make kids by just giving them a pair of shoes.  
The games and activities we played with the girls were fun but they also put across a great message.  These life skill activities help to teach that everybody is the same and everybody should be respected.  They also encourage kids to make good decisions, no matter the circumstances.  After the games, we went back upstairs, and we got to draw on and customize the shoes that we brought to donate.  It was really interesting to see how everyone there had a different creative standpoint.  
I hope everyone there took it in like I did.  I left the event feeling like we made a difference in some kids’ lives and that is a very nice feeling.  I think the Hoops 4 Hope presentation made me more appreciative for my life and the things that I have been given, and that is what I think they were trying to show.  
This article was written by Win. N, Class of 2022.  

The Middle School Alliance
serves students in Grades V-VIII from independent single sex schools.  The aim is to provide meaningful opportunities to connect with each other and their communities at large.  Each grade has one event per year with a partner school.