Buddy Program

The St. Bernard’s buddy program gives boys a chance to connect across different grades.  This morning kindergarten and Grade I met their buddies for the first time.
The third grade boys each recorded a video for their new kindergarten buddy in which they introduced themselves and shared fascinating statements like “I like pizza and baseball.”  The videos were shown in class on Wednesday and were well-received.

This morning the boys met in person in the kindergarten classrooms and it went swimmingly.  The buddy pairs made matching friendship bracelets out of beads and pipe cleaners.  Tom K. gushed that his older buddy Andrew C. is “nice and fun.”  Martin S. said, “I like my buddy so much!” when asked about Luke L. and Mac P. chimed in, “I can’t wait to play again with Harry.”

Meanwhile on the fourth floor, the first graders were meeting their new fourth grade buddies.  Their project was to construct a structure made from cards and masking tape.  The structure was meant to hold up two little fluffy buddies made of pom poms and googly eyes.  There were many good-natured laughs and high-fives as the towers were completed.     

The morning was a joyous one, and we hope the buddies continue their newfound friendship throughout their years at St. B’s.

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Grades I and IV
Kindergarten and Grade III