In this morning’s assembly, the boys were treated to a visit from one of the great scholars of ancient Egypt.
Dr. Bob Brier has spent his life studying Egyptology, and more specifically, mummies.  Twenty-five years ago, he became the first person in two thousand years to mummify a human cadaver through the same process used by ancient Egyptians.  Much to the delight of the boys, the fine points of this procedure were the focus of Dr. Brier’s presentation today, gory details and all.  

Dr. Brier led the boys through the ancient Egyptian concept of an after-life, and thus, their need to preserve their body and treasured belongings.  Preservation can only occur when the body is fully dehydrated.  Loud gasps rang out as Dr. Brier showed pictures of the tools used to remove organs from the body.  After the brain has been liquefied, “it runs out through the nose like a strawberry milkshake.”  A quote to remember.

Questions were asked with an enthusiasm not often seen after a history lecture.  Dr. Brier would have needed to stay another hour to call on every raised hand.  It is safe to say St. Bernard’s boys will leave school with a keen knowledge of ancient Egypt.  Their interest is certainly piqued in Grade III when they spend the winter term immersed in pyramids, sphinxes, and pharaohs.

We thank Dr. Brier for his lecture.  It was inspiring to hear from a scholar with such a honed expertise.  We will now look at mummies in a whole new way.  Just in time for Halloween.