Happy 115th Birthday St. Bernard’s School

by Janine St. Germain, School Archivist
October 4 marks the birthdate of St. Bernard’s School.  On that momentous day, Francis Tabor sent a letter of good cheer and best wishes to Headmaster Jenkins to mark the start of what we now know to be an extraordinary 115 years that followed.
The school archives holds this letter in the papers of Headmaster Jenkins, along with many other fine gems documenting the history of the school. Materials held in the archives include photographs of every Shakespeare play, sports teams and everyday life in the classrooms and play deck dating back to the early 1900s, as well as every Keg yearbook and Budget publication, and a small volume of audio and film recordings.

The extraordinary school spirit we all feel in the school halls is well documented and preserved inside our school archives.  Here’s to many, many more decades of school spirit still yet to unfold in the school years ahead.  Happy Birthday St. Bernard’s School!