Mr. Clements’s Spare Change Basket

In Mr. Clements’s Grade VIII homeroom, on his desk, sits an inconspicuous item.  A silver-colored woven basket was given to Mr. Clements by a student, Jelani Day ’00, twenty years ago.
This basket has been in the same spot ever since and serves a very noble purpose.  Boys contribute their spare change to the basket, and once the sum reaches fifty dollars, the class votes to select a worthy recipient.  Mr. Clements sends the donation to the chosen charity, along with a nice note, and the process begins again.

Mr. Clements estimates the eighth grade has given away several thousand dollars over the years, illustrating how a series of small gestures can have a great effect.  Kudos to Mr. Clements and the hundreds of 8th graders over the years for keeping this commitment going.