Citymeals on Wheels

The PA Community Service Committee and the Community Service Club have organized a new volunteer opportunity for boys and their families with Citymeals on Wheels on various Saturday mornings.
Citymeals delivers meals to frail, aged New Yorkers, ensuring they never go a day without nutritious food and a warm visit.  Our boys work in conjunction with the Stanley M. Isaacs Neighborhood Center on East 93rd Street.
Often, community service events are geared to older boys, but this is a wonderful opportunity for boys from kindergarten to Grade IX to get involved and make an impact.  Many parents have signed up as well.  The first outing was held on the second Saturday of the school year, and the response was so overwhelming that a waitlist was needed.  Moving forward, the number of spots will increase to accommodate the enthusiasm.
Two Grade III boys described the experience in their journals.  Andrew C. writes:
Last week I went to Ninety-Second Street and First Avenue. We did Citymeals on Wheels. I went with my friend Miles and our moms. We brought elderly people food. We needed to bring these people the food because these people have trouble getting out of their apartments. This experience made me feel happy because we were helping people. I also liked meeting the people and seeing where they lived. I met a couple with eleven grandchildren! I would love to do it again.

Miles G. continues:
We had to go to about ten apartments.  I noticed that they were really thankful.  They opened the door and smiled.  It was really fun!

Citymeals on Wheels is just one part of the St. B’s community service programming.  To learn more about the many other community partnerships and see upcoming events, current students and parents may login in to the St. B’s site and visit the Community Service Resource Board.
Giving back to one’s community has always been an important part of the St. Bernard’s education. Part of the school’s purpose is to develop a consideration for others and a sense of citizenship. Community service programs throughout the year inspire in our boys a life-long commitment to helping the world around them.