Community Gathering Committee Donates Books to the Library

The Community Gathering committee seeks to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the diverse backgrounds and cultures within the St. Bernard’s community.  The committee works closely with the school’s Diversity Coordinator to organize events and discussions on topics pertaining to diversity and inclusion as they relate to the boys’ experiences.

Over the summer the committee graciously donated over 230 books to the St. Bernard’s Library.  The titles cover diversity of all types from racial, socio-economic, and cultural backgrounds to different learning styles and physical disabilities.  There are also books on fairy tales from countries around the globe.  From picture books and beginner readers to adult books, there is something for everyone to enjoy.
Importantly, these books help our boys to not only accept, but to appreciate one another’s perceived differences.  Treating those in our community with kindness and respect is something all of us can continually improve upon.  As our St. Bernard’s School Hymn reminds us,

When pride of health and youthful might
Hide from our eyes that kindly light
Which shows us how to fight the fight,
To help the weak, the wrong to right,
Then may we keep the Golden Rule
For home, for country, and for School.
The library invites all members of our community, including parents, to come in and check out a book from the new Community Gathering section.  Librarians Mr. Schwartz and Mrs. Reid worked tirelessly over the summer to thoughtfully select these books and put them into circulation.  Many thanks to the Community Gathering Committee for this thoughtful gift and for all of their good work throughout the year.