A Metadata Party in the Archives

by Janine St. Germain, school archivist
The St. Bernard’s Archives is a growing collection….especially when it comes to all things digital.  Each year digital images make their way into the archives, including documents, news items from the school website, newsletters, and various items all fashioned from pixels.

The challenging part is properly attaching important information, or metadata, to each image – that is, the date, class year, event name, and, if possible, names of everyone included in an image.  It is difficult for an archivist to properly identify specific names in any photographic image, but thanks to the extraordinary effort of parents with a passion for archives, the job just got easier.

We have had two gatherings thus far that have included the eagle eyes and enthusiastic help of Jacalyn B., Anna C., Kate C., Jenn G., Cat O., and Sayada R.  Toya Dubin, of Hudson Archival, who hosts our digital platform, lead us through the basics of dotting every “i” and crossing every “t”…which is critical when adding metadata to a digital collection!

Please feel free to reach me if you have interest in contributing to this effort next year.  I’d love to meet you and include you on our team.
Three cheers from the archives,
Janine St. Germain, School Archivist