Kindergarten Visits the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Kindergarten boys took advantage of the sunny spring weather and visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art on April 10 and April 11.  They visited the Egyptian collection and enjoyed customized tours created just for them by their Kindergarten teachers.

The boys have been studying ancient Egypt in the classroom, so they were eager to see some artifacts in person.  Kindergarten teachers began the tours by pointing out a cartouche, an oval shape carved into stone containing Egyptian hieroglyphs.  The boys quickly identified specific hieroglyphs within the cartouche and continued to point them out as they made their way through the museum.  The boys were excited to discover William the Hippo, an Egyptian faience, nestled in a display that their teachers pointed out.  The boys had read a book about William the Hippo and were thrilled to see him in person.  Another compelling moment was when the boys saw real mummies!  They reviewed the mummification process with their teachers and eagerly pointed out canopic jars.  The boys were familiar with Egyptian beliefs about the afterlife and discussed those beliefs as they examined different artifacts.  The tours ended with a visit to the Temple of Dendur, where a highlight was discovering a stone alligator in the surrounding water.  

On their walk back to school from the museum, the boys discussed their favorite parts of the tour.  Many boys were eager to return to the museum to show their families some of the wonderful things they had discovered.